Assisted Living

If you or your family member is having difficulty managing day-to-day activities, assisted living care is an excellent option. At Mars Hill Manor, we cater to seniors who want an active lifestyle but need a little help with daily tasks such as meals, self-care and housekeeping. Assisted living residents receive three nutritious and delicious meals per day, plus snacks. Our residents enjoy a home-like environment and as much independence as they want, with the comfort and security of knowing that care and support are available if they need them. We provide a full range of care, so our residents stay with us as the level of care they need increases.

Family-Style Assisted Living

Mars Hill Manor is a warm, inviting home that offers affordable family-style assisted living. Our community offers an enriched, welcoming lifestyle with a focus on maintaining family and social relationships. We get to know our residents personally so that we can give each of them the best possible care while honoring their unique needs. Our goal is to support the peace of mind and well-being of our residents and their families.